Our Founder

Paul Frerichs
Paul Frerichs was born and raised in the small town of Duluth, MN. A town the size of Duluth helped teach him the importance of living with integrity, humility, and homegrown values. Growing up in a small town also helped Paul work hard and created a positive attitude in life.

After graduating from high school in 1960 and spending time in the U.S. Army, Paul returned to Duluth to study architecture and home design. After graduating from college, he moved to the Twin Cities to begin his business career. Paul began by working for a well established commercial general contractor in St. Paul, MN and over the next five years he advanced to Vice President of Operations. Over the years, Paul developed management skills necessary to become a successful contruction business owner.

After deciding to strike out on his own, Paul founded Frerichs Construction Company in 1983. The company began a focus on commercial construction projects in the Twin Cities. Over time, Paul began to concentrate on private construction and development, centered on supportive housing and multi-family development. Then his shift in focus began with his desire to be involved in the “total” construction process, including design/development/construction. As experienced contractors, Frerichs Construction has multiple skills to help private owners and developers bring multi-housing projects to a successful completion.

Paul’s early work in the commercial construction field laid the groundwork for Frerichs Construction to mature into the company they have become, focusing on a sound approach to dedication and mission.