What Sets Us Apart?

All general contractors claim to have quality and competitive rates. It’s called marketing! But do they “walk the talk”? Many issues that take place on projects are caused by human error. Lack of responsiveness, not paying attention to detail, lack of pre-planning etc. What causes this behavior?

We believe that the way to “walk the talk” begins with teaching employees our core values. Customer satisfaction is one of our core values that is at the top of the list. Businesses cannot be successful without this simple value. Honesty is another core value that is right alongside customer satisfaction. One can usually analyze a company quickly by what its employee’s attitudes portray; and they usually reflect directly from the leaders of the organization.

Through the years we have built a culture here at Frerichs that is like no other construction company. Our employees thrive on teamwork and live life with a purpose to be the best at what they do. We cannot explain the amount of positive energy and excitement that seems to be the status quo in our company, except that everyone is on the same team, and we are all moving in the same direction.

So what does all of this have to do with construction? To be the best at something, you have to continually train. Like an athlete preparing for a race, the hard work that gets the athlete to the race is always done in the background and the race results are a reflection of how hard they have trained. The Frerichs culture is all about training our team for race day, which is your project.