Sustainable Building

Frerichs Construction incorporates sustainable building practices into every project. These practices include everything from constructing LEED certified projects to our construction teams analyzing how to reduce, reuse and/or recycle construction materials. It is our passion to make responsible decisions today that will improve everyone’s future for tomorrow.

Sustainable building is a commitment from the entire team in the early stages of each project that continues into building operations. A building is not just a collection of systems, but rather a complete system with many components that complement each other. Constructing a project is one piece of sustainable building and the overall sustainability of each project will be carried out by management, maintenance and occupants. Frerichs Construction understands the importance of this and we are committed to training and educating our clients on how to operate their new systems in the most efficient way.

Our goal in the sustainable building process is to help owners make educated decisions that compliment their budgets; constructing and renovating buildings that are both efficient and durable. This results in projects that utilize more renewable sources, produces less waste, consumes less energy and use less water. We believe that a collaborative group effort between the owner, architect, engineer and contractor will produce projects that exceed expectations and set the standard in sustainability.