Elliot Twins

Multi-Family Housing | Occupied Renovation

Frerichs Construction Company constructed Elliot Twins, located in Minneapolis, MN.  The project includes complete renovations of 174 apartments units, upgrades to building systems (electrical/heat/water), central air conditioning, fire sprinklers and landscaping. There were also 10 more ground and second floor units fully compliant with the American with Disabilities Act.

A $2.3 million from the city was used to fund the use of energy-efficient materials, which are expected to reduce energy costs by 35%. Improvements included exterior insulation with metal cladding over the existing brick façade, new windows, new roofing and many other equipment upgrades.

The project also includes a new 6,200 sq. ft “community link” that connects the two towers and offers up many new spaces to the site. This space includes new office locations, a central location for residents and guests to enter the building, a fitness room and many other new community spaces that help to bring the two towers together as one community