Emanuel Housing

Multi-Family Housing | New Construction

This project consisted of a renovation of an existing 4-1/2 story building and the construction of a 5 story addition over a full basement. The existing building now has commercial space and housing related common space on the first two floors with 42 efficiencies and 3 one bedroom dwelling units on the upper 3 floors. The addition has housing related common space in the basement and on the first floor, and 56 efficiency dwelling units on the upper 4 floors.

The addition was built 7 feet lower than the existing building’s basement floor. An extensive shoring system was installed and left in place between the existing building and the new addition that makes up the exterior wall at the elevator shaft and the bike storage area. Construction took place on the property lines on 3 sides of the building. A 10’ by 100’ storm water storage system was installed on the north side of the addition. Unique installation methods were utilized for the installation of the storm water systems because there was limited space for cranes and other hoisting devices.