MHFA Phase II Build Out / Tenant Improvement

Commercial | Renovation

Recently opening its doors in their location in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency realized they were outgrowing their meeting room space very quickly and needed a small renovation to create space for their large Affordable Housing closing meetings. Acoustics in their new space were also an issue due to the concrete structure of the building. Acoustical paneling would need to be installed to reduce the sound transfer throughout. All work would need to be done without disrupting MHFA and the rest of the tenants throughout the building’s day to day operations; therefore, renovations would need to be conducted at night. Their Mille Lacs meeting room was expanded to over twice the size of the original room. Many other conference rooms were upgraded with acoustical wall panels and mid-height chair rail trim to accent their spaces. Painting throughout was also a larger portion of the modifications.