Skyline Tower

Multi-Family Housing | Occupied Rehabilitation

Skyline Tower is a 504 unit, low-income high rise apartment complex in St. Paul. Because it is the largest single building of subsidized housing in Minnesota, and the largest west of Chicago, many unique challenges were faced throughout the course of the occupied construction project. During this rehab, the following items were replaced throughout the entire building while remaining fully occupied: windows, sanitary waste/vent piping and domestic water piping. All tenants had water and plumbing available to them each day throughout the entire project. Construction project was financed by MHFA and was completed in 10 months.

Unique challenges included: Replacing outdated boilers with new high efficiency equipment/VFD controls and taking an existing combined domestic water/heating system and separating it into two systems. Another item to note; the replacement of all piping throughout the building was completed with residents in place.