Multi-Family Housing | Renovation

Yorktown Continental is a 12 story, 264 unit, senior high rise facility that was built in the 70’s. Prior to Affordable Homes for All purchasing the building there had been minimal updates done since it was built 40 plus years ago. The Yorktown Continental project renovation was a vast undertaking. The renovation included: new water distributions piping to all units, new waste and vent piping throughout the building, boiler replacement, water heater replacement, converting AHU from steam to hydronic, replace all plumbing fixtures, replace all light fixtures, upgrade fire alarm system to today’s standards, expand sprinkler system to include atrium space, convert 14 units to comply with today’s accessibility code, replace all flooring, replace all doors, replace all cabinets and countertops, gel coat all bath tubs, new paint, replace windows, remove exterior brick columns and replace with an EIFS system, renovate all common areas to include a new commercial kitchen, relocate main entrance to the back of the building, replace roof, clean all ductwork, replace and enlarge parking lot, install two large retention ponds, new gazebo, new raised garden beds, new sod and landscaping, new storm water system and the addition of four fire hydrants.

A unique aspect of this project is that all renovation work was done while the units were occupied. The renovation was sequenced to work bottom to top in two unit stacks. On one side of the stack the resident would be moved to a hotel unit in the building while the other side of the stack the resident was left in place. The resident that moved to a hotel unit left all there belongings behind because the hotel units were fully furnished. The walls were then opened up and the waste and vent piping was replaced for both units. The typical duration for each unit renovation was eight to ten days. Once the unit renovation was complete the resident would move back into his or her unit and the next units would be move to the hotel unit. The units work was completed in a remarkable nine months.