Aeon Minneapolis Preservation Portfolio Project

Multi-Family Housing | Occupied Rehabilitation

The Minneapolis Preservation Portfolio Project consisted of 10 different buildings, most of which are in the Elliot Park Neighborhood in Minneapolis: Maryland Apartments, Adams Apartments, Balmoral Apartments, Buri Manor Apartments, Barrington Apartments, Elliot Court Apartments, Roselle Apartments, Paige Hall Apartments, Elms Apartments and Heritage Apartments. There are 582 units throughout all ten properties; 401 efficiency units, 158 one bedroom units and 23 two bedroom units. Interior renovations included turning restaurant space at the Maryland Apartments into 15 new units, rehabbing the existing units, adding 7 new Type A accessible units, upgrading 13 units for visual/hearing impaired apartments and adding/rehabbing community rooms, offices and public bathrooms. Exterior renovations included new Hardie siding at Elliot Court, adding bike shelters, dumpster enclosures, landscaping and a garden shed at Buri Manor, new windows at five of the buildings, tuckpointing of eight buildings and various parking lot improvements.

All ten buildings were completed in three phases and had to be completed in one calendar year. Four of the ten buildings needed to meet the National Park and Services for Historic Preservation’s building requirements. Of those buildings, the exterior and interior work was on two different schedules in order to meet the requirements for four historic buildings and also finish all interior renovation within nine months.